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UNT is taking the gender out of homecoming

Updated: May 28, 2020

By: Charde Brown

POSTED:OCT 23 2018 9:51 PM CST

DENTON – There are ten nominees for homecoming court this year, both male and female. However, there will only be one winner, no king, or queen the title will now be homecoming royalty. In addition to changing the court to just one winner, they also revamped the qualifications for nomination.

Nominations must come from a registered student organization, and nominated students must be a current active member of the nominating organization.

Organizations include but are not limited to any greek letter organization, athletic team, or university-sponsored group.

Also, the homecoming crew changed the GPA requirements for graduate and undergraduate students, respectively, making the position more merit-based

According to the  page the change is to make the position more prestigious and at the same time more inclusive.

The homecoming crew, the group of students, taking on this overhaul, have also increased the benefits of becoming homecoming royalty. The student who wins homecoming royalty will receive 1,000 dollars towards funding a campus impact project.

There will also be a brick with their name on it in the Alumni Pavilion, a media campaign, and the opportunity to represent UNT at speaking engagements on and off-campus.

Homecoming court voting ends October 25, 2018, at 11:00 p.m. you can see nominee bios and cast your vote at the UNT homecoming webpage.

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