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Buccee’s on I-35 finally open

Updated: May 28, 2020

By: Charde Brown

POSTED:OCT 30 2018 10:00 AM CST

DENTON –Monday, the highly anticipated Buc-ee's on I-35 in Denton opened, and residents are going nuts.

Since the opening, the lines are never-ending, any time of the day or night you can drive by and see their parking lot full.

The location has been under construction for two and a half years, according to general manager, Jeff Hand and he's as excited as anyone that the site is finally open.

The opening brings a stimulus to the Denton economy, Buc-ee's will provide jobs, and their starting salary is 15 dollars per hour plus health benefits.

Although the Buc-ee's provides a new option for gas and snack and high-paying entry-level jobs, some people still worry about its location.

Anybody trying to enter I-35 after Lillian miller heading south will tell you that the traffic pattern there is challenging to maneuver. Many people are concerned the traffic from Buc-ee's is only going to make it worse.

"I work at DFW airport, and I don't have to work until noon every day, and I still hit traffic leaving Denton when I'm trying to get on 35 and Buc-ee's is only going to add to the slow down." Said Jessica Alburdy Denton Resident

Ms. Alburdy also said that she loves Buc-ee's and that the opening will provide job opportunities for college students.

The consensus is that Denton is happy with the new addition.

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